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I signed up with AMZTester over the holidays and now I give myself a little present every week. Which is cool, since the only thing I have to do is to rate a product and then I can keep it and often get extra money too.


A friend suggested AMZTester to me, he's a long-time member. What I like most is that I don't have to buy supplements for my workout anymore, I now get them for free. Amazon is really fun.

Alex Belok

My girlfriend and I are enthusiastic testers. The products are getting better and if we need a little more money we also write reviews on Google and Facebook. Very easy.

Anton W.

I really can use the money. It's not easy to make money and also get products for free. It's a great job.

Nicolas Bulgacov


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Amazon will deliver the product directly to your home.



Review the product and keep it.

Why choose AMZTester?
No payout limit - Everyday payments
We value our users.
With new jobs daily - We never run out them!
Pick and choose your product - Review the products that interest you.
Live chat support - Our dedicated 24/7 Support team is always ready to assist.

Other platforms

Payout limit
Crowded platforms with hundreds of thousands of testers
Rarely any new jobs available
Testers are forced to complete given jobs to be able to continue with new ones
Hard to reach or no customer service


Do I have to make a pre-payment in order to review a product?

Yes - Try a test run by starting with just a small amount of money - choose a cheaper product for example. You’ll see how fast and easy it is.

Can I test more than one product at once?

Yes, you can. We have no order limits.

Am I supposed to write only positive reviews?

It’s up to you. But we’d prefer you test products you’re more interested in so you’d be more inclined to give them great ratings. Clients don’t like to give away free products and get bad reviews in return.

What do I need to start?

You will need an active Amazon account with a history of 25+ written reviews.

When do I get paid?

We will transfer you the product price, tax + service fee on the same day when your product feedback is LIVE on the Amazon product page.

How much do I earn?

Not only will you be able to keep products after reviewing them, you will also get a service fee – $10 per review. Hard to believe but definitely true.

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